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Soana Garden Sheds and Greenhouses

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Present and recognized on the international market for more than 40 years, the Soana Garden Shed brand designs and manufactures high-quality, practical and long-lasting space-saving storage solutions for the garden and hobby use. Since its foundation, the Soana Garden Shed brand has never lost the classic and unmistakable design that distinguishes the range of its numerous products dedicated to the organizing and care of the garden,

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making it available to lovers of DIY and gives enthusiasts all the expertise, modern technologies and decades of experience to respond to every need. Soana Garden Shed allows you to create and experience your own green space in the most practical and aesthetic way possible.

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Soana Garden Shed


Equally important are also the garden greenhouses, indispensable for those who have a green thumb and want to cultivate the passion of taking care of plants, flowers and vegetables even in the winter months. Soana Garden Shed greenhouses are characterized by great functionality and versatility and are suitable for both small and large spaces.

They have detailed finish and made with professional materials to last over time and resistant to the atmospheric agents. Our garden greenhouses guarantee perfect internal thermal insulation and create the ideal conditions for the growth of the most delicate plants, constantly, during the different seasons of the year, protecting them from unfavorable temperatures.


In the vast assortment of Soana Garden Shed products, the sheet metal houses stand out. They are indispensable as a storage area for organizing DIY tools or gardening machinery to keep them sheltered from the elements all year round. Developed to maximize the simplicity of assembly, take up the minimum amount of space and offer the maximum possible capacity.

Thanks to the simple and clean shapes, the Soana Garden Shed metal houses not only offer a safe shelter and easier storage of gardening tools, but they add additional value to the outdoor space of the house making it an even more pleasant and welcoming place.

Soana Garden Sheds and Greenhouses

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Whether you need a space for tools or a corner to cultivate your passion for plants, Soana Garden Shed has the perfect solution for you.